Burdastyle Talent Contest 2018

So I entered the BurdaStyle Talent Contest earlier this week and the top 5 move on to the semi-finals at midnight 29 April. Right now I’m 4th!Â đŸ˜±Â I feel so torn about asking someone to vote for me. I REALLY want to move on but I don’t want to over spam my friends and family and I feel odd about begging old acquaintances to vote for me. I’d like my votes to come from people who just like my pieces. If you can appreciate the style, the fabric choice, and the details (boning, lining and underlining, hand-stitching, covered buttons) and you’d like to give me your vote, then you would make me THE happiest woman!


This twirling skirt pretty much represents the whirlwind of feelings that I have right now. Excited * Proud * Passionate * with a touch of nervousness.  I fell in love with this design when I saw it in the Burda Style Vintage Special 6/14. I think I traced the pattern out the same evening I bought the magazine! I actually went all out and ordered the perfect fabric from Mood but customs threw me a curve ball and it didn’t arrive in time. Maybe I’ll sew it up in the same style later but right now I have a crush on the Frida look.

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Earlier this month I attended a 4-day body blueprint at  Sew La Di Da Vintage in Lyme Regis. I didn’t have any expectations when I arrived which made me all the more incredibly elated when I left because Caroline and Frankie really taught me a lot. We learned how to fit a garment to our shape (and my measurements are definitely not your average ready-to-wear measurements), insert boning and a more precise way to insert an invisible zipper. Caroline also designs fabric and I have such a fetish for Frida Kahlo so it was a no-brainer that I had to use this fabric to make the playsuit that I had in mind (based on the Burda design above).



Here you can see some of the details that I put into the playsuit + button up skirt ( đŸ€—glee)


Cross your fingers and may the best designs win âœ‚ïžđŸ˜đŸ‘—



Next week I’m turning 40 and I’ve been doing a lot of reflecting…

I like where I am right now, I’m very content with my work/life balance. What I really appreciate is that there is still so much to learn and explore – life won’t go downhill at 40, it’s just started!

My passion for sewing started in the summer of 2016 and I want to continue to challenge myself, tougher projects, more difficult fabric, concentrating on details like piping and hand-sewn hems.

Below you can see everything I’ve created (clothing, marmalade, liquor, bags) in the last 12 months. If you click on the picture you can see the pattern name and the designer.

Fun little game- see if you can count how many times Winslow (our British Shorthair cat) makes a cameo.

Pattern Testing: Inbhir Nis

Pattern Testing: Inbhir Nis



In February, I applied to be a pattern tester for Pipe Dream Patterns Joann designed three great jackets and asked if I could test the Inbhir Nis Trench Cape. At first, I wanted to use a solid coloured wool but then I saw this plaid faux fur-pile! I knew it would be a challenge to pattern match and although the matching isn’t perfect I’m pretty darn pleased with the outcome.

The two-piece trench cape has two collar variations, I chose V1 –  the instructions seemed more straight-forward. I shortened the belt stay in width and height to pattern match the squares better and I also omitted the buttons on the trench. Although I do like the way the buttons look on the solid coloured versions, see for yourself  The other two things I plan on doing to perfect this jacket is lengthen the belt and maybe add some light shoulder pads in the cape.

The first time I showed my husband and son I said “I’ve never seen anything like this before” and in unison, they responded, “in Star Wars”. I take that as a great compliment.





My first ever!

person-woman-apple-hotel.jpgHere I go, nosediving into the world of bloggers. I have to thank Wanderstitch for her blog Setting up a blog: A guide for noobs I still have a few loose ends to straighten out but  I guess this all takes time and there’s always the friendly edit button.  Continue reading “My first ever!”