My first ever!

person-woman-apple-hotel.jpgHere I go, nosediving into the world of bloggers. I have to thank Wanderstitch for her blog Setting up a blog: A guide for noobs I still have a few loose ends to straighten out but  I guess this all takes time and there’s always the friendly edit button. The first thing I need to figure out is – for whom am I writing – who will follow me? Like-minded sewing enthusiasts I hope! Where are they from – English or German-speaking countries?

A little about me. I’m a German-American living in Germany. I teach/translate/proofread English during the day and turn on my sewing machine in the afternoon.

Around 2014 I taught myself how to crochet (correction: with the help of many youtube videos), then a year later -how to knit. Then one summer I had the ambition to make my own espadrilles… I guess that’s when the sewing bug got ahold of me and I’ve been sewing ever since – around a year and a half now.


Author: Sew Wie Sew

German-American sewcialist, adventure seeker, wife, mom, cat momma

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