Burda Style Talent 2018 Update

Well, that was one helluva ride, so many ups and downs and I’m still unsure how fair the whole system was. What I mean is, I think you need to have many followers on your various social media outlets to help you with the votes.

For those of you who don’t know how the Burda Style Talent 2018 was held let me explain: It was a month long contest and every week the top 5 with the most votes went on to the semi-finals (they were safe and just waited till the end of the contest). If you weren’t one of the lucky 5 your votes went back to zero!  So you have to ask your friends, family, followers, colleagues to vote AGAIN the following week. I was so ashamed, I’m not usually one who asks for help with anything and here I am asking for votes… I felt so ???? I don’t know a bit childish, a bit naive… I was 6th after the first week of the contest, in week two I got 12th -I didn’t bother anyone to vote for me (I was a bit down after going from 5th to 6th 10 minutes to midnight). Week three I was 8th, and then I gave it my all in the 4th week and was 2nd!

Then the jury took a VERY VERY VERY long time to decide the ranking of the 24 finalists (top 5 for each of the four weeks plus one wildcard for each week). I hope I wasn’t the only one checking Instagram, Facebook and etc.. (a couple times a day) because dude I sure felt silly and disappointed realizing that ANOTHER day had gone by where they haven’t posted anything. Yes, it was during the May holidays (there are several in May here in Germany) but a little “Sorry, half the jury is on vacation we’ll let you know on day X what our decision for the ranking is” would’ve been nice.

So yes, the jury put those 24 finalists in their personal 1st through 24th place and I think it was very fair, the right person won and the second and third place were very nice as well but I do think there were a good handful that didn’t make it to the finalists round that were better than a few that did make it. I was 15th, I won a few Prym sewing accessories and I’m very grateful but to be 100% honest, I’d rather have been 16th (they won a pair of high-quality scissors). I already own 5/7 of the goodies below. But I’m not complaining, and it’s not about the prizes, it was about trying new things and I don’t regret taking part in the contest but I definitely won’t do it again. I’m just not cut out for it, I’m not a (vote) beggar and I don’t have a whole helluva lot of followers that will guarantee me a placing, without a very healthy dose of “please vote for me” I wouldn’t have made it. But I did and I’m very very happy to be 15th out of a good 120 that entered. Thank you, everyone!!!!

On a side note, I’m sure I’ll make my sewing friends happy when I add a Prym goodie to their birthday present this year 🙂 IMG_6020.JPG

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