Pattern Testing: Inbhir Nis



In February, I applied to be a pattern tester for Pipe Dream Patterns Joann designed three great jackets and asked if I could test the Inbhir Nis Trench Cape. At first, I wanted to use a solid coloured wool but then I saw this plaid faux fur-pile! I knew it would be a challenge to pattern match and although the matching isn’t perfect I’m pretty darn pleased with the outcome.

The two-piece trench cape has two collar variations, I chose V1 –  the instructions seemed more straight-forward. I shortened the belt stay in width and height to pattern match the squares better and I also omitted the buttons on the trench. Although I do like the way the buttons look on the solid coloured versions, see for yourself  The other two things I plan on doing to perfect this jacket is lengthen the belt and maybe add some light shoulder pads in the cape.

The first time I showed my husband and son I said “I’ve never seen anything like this before” and in unison, they responded, “in Star Wars”. I take that as a great compliment.





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